As an author, it matters that people will want to read what I write. But are people really reading anymore? Our brains and the way we seek to receive, process and retain information is changing. Innovation Facilitator Stefan Lindegaard posted this great question (on LinkedIn):

The attention span declines. Many have stopped reading books, longer blog posts don’t get much traffic while Twitter-traffic has exploded. What is your view on this?

My comment:
The information, technology and social media explosion of the millennium has lead us to rely a lot less on our memories. It is true that there is a generational divide in terms of the Old School regimen of “read and research to absorb as much information as you can to be knowledgeable” vs. the New Age “Click this link or Google that word to have hundreds of sources instantly available anytime you want it.” I no longer have more than two or three phone numbers pinned to memory in my head. I definitely no longer own an Encyclopedia Britannica Collection.

We are a culture of instant gratification on virtually every level. Due to our environment, our memories and our attention spans have definitely…uh, have definitely….uh, what was I talking about?? ;-)