“The closer you get to the goal, the harder the foul…so Play Through the Foul.™”

“The purpose of pursuing your passion is to put passion back into your purpose.”

“Adversity is not only inevitable but essential; for how else do we measure our growth, our faith, or our ultimate desire to win?”

“Before you dive into the ocean of possibilities, you must at the very least consider there may be sharks nearby!”

“WORKING UP the ladder of success requires WORKING OUT to sustain the climb!”

“The goal should never be as much to be approved as it is to be IMPROVED!”

“Much like a basketball, human beings are resiliently equipped to bounce back, as long as we keep giving ourselves a little push.”

“A true teammate doesn’t have to be the shooter to feel good about the team’s goal being scored.”

“Why host a pity party when a pretty party is so much more fun?”

“Aim and shoot for the goal like it’s your last shot; but if you miss, rebound like you’ve been rewarded just enough time for one more!”

“Even a mother hen knows all is not lost when her life lays a big, fat egg; so she sits on it, passionately waiting until it’s time to hatch a new life!”

“It’s not always about the position you are in; it’s about demonstrating the passionate player within!”

“Sometimes we fail because we allow our focus for what we can get be greater than our appreciation for what we’ve already got!”