December 15, 2011: K is for KNOWLEDGE

“Hello she said so gently, you do not know me well. But I’ve been here quite a while and you need me I can tell.” (From New Best Friend – A Little Book of Faith by Vera Jones)

In less than a month from now, my only child Andrew will turn 14 years of age. I like many mothers and fathers across the world constantly wonder, “Where did the time go?” There are some stages of parenting that seem like they will never end, especially the sleepless nights of raising a colicky infant. (I just had a flashback and bags under my eyes instantly appeared from just writing this!) But for the most part, I think there is a majority opinion that time flies, and it seems our babies grow up far too fast.

Once over the shock that I was pregnant, I remember a boat load of questions and concerns filling my brain. How do I change the diaper? Will I remember how to breathe during childbirth? How on earth do I breastfeed? Won’t that hurt? What if my baby gets too much? Too little? How will I know if he is sick? Do I really have to stick the thermometer there? The fear, worry and doubt were overwhelming at times. There was so much I just didn’t know. Even though at the age of 31 I gave birth later in life than most of my peers, and I had been exposed to other people’s babies, I was so afraid of inadequately taking care of my own.

I learned something pretty amazing about lack of childrearing knowledge. That little baby would teach me what I needed to know long before I started teaching him. My unconditional love and countless prayers stimulated the “Faith Nanny” to deliver all of the knowledge I would need. I’m not saying I was without Worry or Doubt. Those two good-for-nothings always wanted to hang around and help babysit. But Faith always stood watch, answering every cry for help. Most of the time, the cries weren’t even from baby Andrew. They were from me, and they were pretty loud, pretty often and pretty ugly too! Andrew had a lot of medical complications right from birth including his spending the first five days of life in the intensive care unit. In spite of all my tears and fears, there was a calm that said everything would be fine and that someone far more qualified than me was watching over Andrew. After all, Andrew was not just my child, but God’s. This proved to be the greatest knowledge of all.

Whether child rearing, starting a new job or school, adopting children, teaching a class, or even meeting new people, we all have a tendency to fear the unknown. We stress over how we will accomplish tasks we have never attempted. We worry that people won’t like us or understand us.We wrestle with doubt that we are saying or doing things correctly or adequately. We wonder if we will look stupid or inadequate or incompetent in the eyes of others. Keep in mind that just like babies, we are also God’s children. I think with so much adult responsibility and pressure, that’s easy to forget. God’s been taking care of us ever since our mother’s and father’s gave birth to us. Before actually! When our parents lacked knowledge, Nanny Faith stepped in for them as well. This faith-filled system of knowledge has existed as long as God has.

If you seek knowledge, you will find it. That doesn’t mean you will always find it easily. In fact, part of the knowledge plan is to make the journey a bit difficult as there is so much wisdom gained in the detours, twists, turns and potholes. But have faith you will find the knowledge you seek. Having faith means knowing you have already been blessed with what you need to survive and even thrive. Have faith also in the fact that you don’t have to know everything about everything in life. You only need to give birth to your faith in the one who does.



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